Friday, September 10, 2021

The Kimberley part 2 - in pictures

 Boabs, birds and other wild things

Classic old Boab at Ivy Cove.
It's not dead - Boabs are deciduous and this was 'winter'

Ants nesting in a ficus on the beach

Kimberley Stories Part 1

The King George River, East Kimberley

This blog is a bit different to our usual offerings. Our journey through the strange and wonderful world of the Kimberley is simply too much for us to report in a chronological diary for you. Instead this will be a collection of little stories and lots of photos with hopefully self explanatory captions. We are now in Darwin, back in the land of phone signal and internet  after a couple of months off-line in the Kimberley wilderness.

You can see the detail of where we went on our tracker. Click here Upstart Tracker
Upstart's Kimberley Track

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