Thursday, March 26, 2020

Heading North for deep isolation.

Sunset over Cape Naturalist from Dunsborough
Hi Everyone. This is just a short message to say that after 2 weeks in Dunsborough waiting for the corona virus situation to develop we have made a decision about our immediate movements.

Our original plan was to stop in Fremantle to spend some time with Tom and Sarana's family and Jess's family, catch up with other friends and rellies, trips to Rotto and so on. Also doing some boat stuff which can only be done there. All the rellies are now enjoying home time as are we on the boat, businesses are closed and the situation has changed big time.

Therefore we have decided to give the entire Metro area a big miss and sail directly from here to the Abrolhos Islands tomorrow. We will top up with fuel and water in Busselton Marina in the morning and then catch the beginning of a nice looking southerly wind which should keep going until we arrive. The voyage is around 300nm and should take around 48hrs, our longest one so far with just the two of us aboard.

We are busy updating charts and doing on-line jobs today which we had intended to do in Freo. We are stocked up with food, enough beans and lentils to last about a year we recon! And the laundry is done.

Dunsborough al-fresco laundromat.

We hope to stay in the islands for a month or so and the phone signal will be virtually nil during that time. The last time Chris was there he got a bit of a signal by hoisting the phone up the mast so we might be able to do a text message from time to time but that will be about it.

When we are ready to leave the islands we will contact the port in Geraldton to find out what we can do about coming ashore for supplies.

That's all from us for the moment. Look after yourselves and each other in these difficult times.

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